About Us


Evangelicals around the world are close to a billion people. Evangelical pastors represent more than 3 million leaders globally and they are some of the most influential people in the world. Sadly, only about five percent (5%) of them have ever received intentional theological training. Our School works toward filling that need. Therefore, we encourage you to pray for us and consider supporting us to accomplish our goal for the sake and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The SBS exists to glorify God by training pastors and ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so they can better serve God, His church, and the people.

Our mission at the SBS is to glorify God by offering high quality academic level theological programs in order to: 

  1. Strengthen our students’ biblical foundation and ministerial understanding,
  2. Deepen your doctrinal understanding,
  3. Lead your minds toward godly wisdom, Spiritual discernment, and a healthy life style, consolidating a sound and successful ministry,
  4. Help to shape and strength the critical way of thinking and analysis of our students, and
  5. Lead our student in a process to put the knowledge, understanding and wisdom they gain in to writing (and/or communicable) platforms to keep helping thousands of people in our generation and beyond.

Evidently pastors need theological training. The SBS team has developed a highly specialized program with unique ministerial strategies for a strong theological formation primarily focused on pastors and ministries. Most of our students are bi-vocational pastors who were unable to study in a traditional, in-campus theological academy. Our seminary was founded in 1981 with that need in mind.

By God’s grace and through the knowledge of the Word of God, we have been a channel for the theological formation of thousands of pastors in several countries through distance advise worldwide, even our main office is in the State of Florida, USA. It is the SBS’s great honor and deep desire to continue serving where the Lord opens doors to prepare men called by God to fulfill the great commission.  


¾   The Bible is our foundation.

¾   We focus on learning by combining multiple teaching/learning methodologies delivered in a distance format.

¾   Our focus is the called to the ministry.

¾   We offer high standard programs at an affordable cost.

¾   We value your experiences.

¾   We motivate you to serve the Lord better by knowing Him better.

¾   Local churches provide our campuses.


A Non-Campuses Philosophy

SBS is committed to bringing the school program close to you. We take advantage of an already established infrastructure (schools, churches, universities…) while under the supervision of the local churches. There are facilities already available all over the world so it is not cost feasible to build a campus. With each affiliated church providing space for classes as well as supervision lots of student benefit, cost savings wise, commuting, and through ease of integration.

Some of the Best Resources in the World

There is a worldwide professor shortage in the theological field. In this context, we schedule intensive courses allowing our students to interact face to face and/or online (real time) with some of the best professors in the world that support us as adjuncts professors.

Wise Use of High Tech

Almost everything we do in our school (meetings, communication, teaching, advises, mentoring) require intense and frequent communication. Our services are based on a distance learning deliverance. In consequence, we take advantage of the several on-line platforms that fit our purpose.

Our tech facilitators provide the best communication technologies available at the lowest possible cost.

We are continually developing an online library tool to do quality investigation, doing research, and investing on better tools to facilitate training to our students and faculty.

We are continually increasing our recorded classes for present and future teaching sources.


The majority of our students are bi-vocational pastors. Yet they are able to finish their Professional Theological Degrees at the approximate same time any full-time program student does.

Our degrees require from 40 to 90 credits.



Pr. Juan de la Cruz (B.C.E., M.S., M.A., TH.M., PH.D.)



In this rapid changing world, we need men of God willing to pay the price required to stand firm and faithful in God for the sake of the Gospel of Christ, for God’s glory.

We need men of Biblical convictions well prepared to handle the Word. Men able to pass the torch to the next generation who are called upon to preach the Gospel and defend the sound doctrines of the faith given once and forever to the saints.

The Southern Baptist School is committed to supporting the church of God, to help those called to preach and serve the Lord all over the globe.

We were called to shed our individual experiences, as well as our earned skills and knowledge of the Word and ministerial practices to lead you in the process for you to be a better servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The SBS is a wise choice for your ministerial education. You study. We provide the programs, advices, experiences and credibility to build a path together that mitigates your theological education and ministerial needs.

Our advisors and professors and even our students come from a variety of areas of knowledge (engineers, doctors, educators, philosophers, artists, military, theologians, among others), all of whom were called to preach the Gospel and/or are being trained in the ministerial fields to serve better our Lord and glorify God in all. This causes a unique combination of experiences and ideas that enriches the process of teaching and learning that involves you, causing you to handle better the Word to supply the spiritual needs in the churches of God and in our world.

We are eager to meet you and be your partner in growing together in the service for His sake, by the cause and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Pastor Boyce Whitman (B.E.E., M.S., B.A., M.MIN., TH.M., D.MIN., TH.D., PH.D.



I started Clemson University in 1956 to become an Electrical Engineer, but God’s calling overwhelmed me. Therefore, I started Furman University after Clemson to learn to better handle the Word of God. Although I grew up in church, I felt I needed help to be able to preach God´s truth effectively to others. I was confused on how God could use an engineer as a preacher at the same time.

I became an interim pastor at Salem Baptist Church for a period, and then Gap Hill Baptist Church called me to be their pastor the first Sunday of July of 1961, where I had been until now by the grace of God. In a little while I will have 60 years in the holy ministry, I have learned this: The more I learned about God’s Word, the more eager I am to live by and preach it to others.”

At the same time, I pastored and worked as an engineer, I used to receive courses and instruction in different institutions to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word. Because of my bi-vocational schedule, I developed a sense of need to help those pastorsthat needed preparation to divide well the Word of Truth, because the majority of them are bi-vocational to be able to feed their own families, feeding the flock at the same time.

While working at Sangamo, I became Manager of Research and Development and I arranged with Clemson University for them to come to my plant to teach our engineers to become experts ¾at a master level degree, so they could keep working and increasing their knowledge and degree without attending a campus, bot through program of a stablished university. That was a novelty. Professors came on Monday from 7:00 to10:00 p.m. to teach one subject at a time. It brought great results.

In 1980, I met Dr. Charles Williams, the SBS founder. Consequently, in 1981, we started the first Non-Campus Professional Bible Study Center in our local church under the advised and guidance of the SBS (at that time Southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies). Since that experiment, we have been able to help hundreds of men called to preach in our local church and community, and in other places all over the US and several other countries as well.

We do not own properties in our School; we work hand to hand with the local churches enrolled. This idea placed into practice for about four decades by now has been a tremendous blessing to help pastors and ministers to increase their knowledge of God and His Word, as well as to grow their personal lives and families, and the churches they pastor.

Quality education has been our goal to help others!